Cloud functions up and running in seconds

Binaris deploys your code in seconds. Use the cloud as your dev environment with instant dev cycle


mkdir toupper


cd toupper


bn create node8 public_toupper

Created function public_toupper in /Users/user/toupper
    (use "bn deploy public_toupper" to deploy the function)


cat > function.js

exports.handler = async body => {
    const str = new String(body);
    return str.toUpper();



bn deploy public_toupper

Deployed function public_toupper
Invoke with one of:
    "bn invoke public_toupper"





Build function based apps in minutes

It's easier to build and cheaper to operate when you're using functions. At scale

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Focus on business logic without worrying about containers.packaging or orchestration.

Split your code into functions so you can easily reuse code and collaborate with others.

drawing of an airplane


Functions invoke in milliseconds and can replace any container or instance based service.

Use functions to build realtime, responsive and multi-user services.

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Never think about servers with automatic provisioning and autoscaling of the resources needed to run your code.

Only pay for compute time you use and never be charged for idle resource. Your code effectively runs at 100% utilization.

Use functions anywhere

Binaris functions are faster and cheaper than long running
container or instance based services

knob at 80%

Quick Search

Use Binaris functions to find and retrieve data from a cloud repository. Binaris functions will scale to accommodate large datasets providing excellent performance.

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react, binaris, and redis logos

Serverless + React

Our React tutorial guides you through building end-to-end web applications. By the end, you will have a full application up and running in the cloud.

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CGI Terrain with trees

Render Terrain

Display data in a browser interactively by using server-side rendering. Binaris functions offer the unique ability to guarantee low-latency code invocations.

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